Wall Beds O'Fallon

Whether you’re in a small apartment or a large house, installing O’Fallon wall beds from California Closets is a smart solution to maximize your bedroom or guest room space. Free up precious space that can be used for a home gym, a yoga session, or a dinner party.

O’Fallon Wall Beds Make Space

Tucking your bed into the wall during the daytime hours transforms a room and makes it less cluttered. It’s no wonder more California Closets customers are installing their O’Fallon wall beds to save space in their homes. You don’t sacrifice great design for function either. O’Fallon wall beds come in a variety of materials and colors to choose from, and you custom design your frame to match your tastes and your home’s décor.

Perfect for guest rooms, wall beds tuck away when unneeded but are so easy to bring down for a guest to sleep in. Spaces usually not used for sleeping can be changed into a guest room when you have the rare visitor from out of town staying with you, but you can still use that room for other purposes the rest of the time—a home gym, a multipurpose room, or a living room.

O’Fallon wall beds are a wonderful space-saving solution for small apartments, particularly studio apartments that have very limited living space. It’s so easy to tuck into the wall during the day so you have room to put up a table for dinner with friends, or even just to have extra space to move around in when you’re not sleeping.

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California Closets O’Fallon wall beds can transform your home into a more spacious place to be. Kids love them too, because eliminating the bed frees up more space to play and spread out toys and games. Call to install your wall bed today!