Murphy Beds NYC

Life in New York City means being conscious of space. With so many people in a relatively little place, space is at a premium, and for condo owners and small apartment renters, this means making the most of every inch in your living area. Beds establish a room--the weight and lack of maneuverability means that once they're there, they're probably there to stay. Murphy beds NYC from California Closets allow you to turn your sleeping quarters into a fully usable space during the day, allowing you to truly make something out of every inch!

Murphy Beds NYC For A New Dimension

You've established the flow of your home. Things are cramped, but you know that a bedroom is a bedroom, and that a good night's sleep is integral to your success. Challenge this notion with Murphy beds NYC that fold into closet systems!

Hobby Room

If you've always wanted to create a place for you to work, tinker with your hobbies, or perhaps do a bit of yoga, but have been hard pressed to find the space, Murphy beds NYC are for you. Once you're awake and ready to face the day, the bed easily folds into a closet system (which can come with more space saving accessories) using an easy folding mechanism. When it's out of the way, you'll have full access to the room--allowing you to use it however you please.

The Exterior Closet System

Have a look through our inspiration gallery to see what the surrounding closet systems of our Murphy beds NYC can look like. With extra shelves, drawers, hanger rods, or hooks, all in a fully customizable style that is sure to fit the decor of your home or apartment, your Murphy bed will be a welcomed addition into your routine.

Find The Space With Murphy Beds NYC

Give yourself some extra breathing room with the ease and comfort of murphy beds NYC. Call California Closets to get started today with a free in-home consultation.