Garage Storage NYC

Has your garage become a storage of acquired possessions of the past couple decades? Do you use your garage for anything else besides storage? If you can relate to any of these assertions and want to reorganize your garage, but don’t know where to start, then you’ve come to the right place. Let California Closets provide you with NYC garage storage solutions. Not only will you be able to restore your garage to it’s fullest potential, but it will be the first and last renovation you’ll ever need for your garage.

NYC Garage Storage Solutions

With NYC garage storage solutions, you’ll be able to consolidate your storage unit with space saving innovations.  With sturdy hook attachments for your bicycle, raised shelving units that help you avoid potential water damage from leaks, you can preserve the quality of your stored items without worrying about possible erosion.  And with individualized aluminum baskets, you can store lose equipment without it getting lost in your drawers.  You can even keep track of your hardware tools with our pegboards for easy grab and go access. With your NYC garage storage, you’ll never look at your garage the same again!

We all know that children go through many distinct fads in their life.  Unfortunately, there’s not always enough to store all their interests, let alone their schoolbooks, arts and crafts, and sporting equipment. But with NYC garage storage, you’ll finally have a place for it all, without risking the quality of their favorite past times.

Affordable Solutions for Priceless Possessions

NYC garage storage is implemented with you in mind.  Our experts cater to your needs by working around your busy schedule so the reality of home renovation doesn’t become a nightmare.  And with our FREE, in-home consultation, you can’t lose!