Custom Closets NYC

You’ve braved the Big Apple. You live the city life, full of chaos and beauty, just the way you like it. You wouldn’t leave this place if they paid you, but there are certain things that you’d rather leave behind. The exorbitant rent, for one, and the lack of storage space! That’s where NYC custom closets by California Closets come in.

Work With What You've Got

Whether your tiny studio has nothing more than a dresser, or a small reach-in closet that is overflowing at all ends, NYC custom closets are the answer to your prayers.  A brand new state-of-the-art custom designed closet by California Closets can optimize the space you have and give you the gift that keeps of giving; an organized and stylish home. 

Never Sacrificing Substance for Style

With different finishes and colors to choose from, your stylish NYC custom closets will be the talk of the town, and what a town it is!  Your personal fashion is always chic and sleek--your closet should follow suit.  In fact, getting your clothes in the order that they deserve will leave you feeling more fashionable than ever. 

Closet Creativity

You’ve had to come up with interesting solutions for life’s problems, but don’t make things harder on yourself. Call California Closets and get the NYC custom closets designed and built by a team of experts.  The unique look and feel of your closets will have you feeling like you designed it yourself without the labor.

NYC Custom Closets by California Closets

Our professionals are standing by to get you started on your way to organization.  Your cramped NYC apartment need not be overflowing with your clothes and accessories any longer.  Create the space in your room, and open up worlds of possibility.