Nursery Storage Breakdown

The nursery is a mess. There are toys strewn all over the floor because they don’t have a place to be put away. How did the amount of toys outpace your nursery storage system so quickly? More importantly, what are your options to get your nursery storage back in line?

Nursery Storage Breakdown: Cubbies vs. Plastic Bins vs. Drawers vs. Toy Chests

Toy Chests

A little bit more of an investment than the other options, a toy chest is the traditional way to store toys. A cheaper alternative to the toy chest is to use a laundry hamper for nursery storage. The chest option doesn’t allow for much organization, but sometimes all you and your children need is a place to throw a big pile of toys.

Plastic Nursery Storage Bins

Plastic storage bins, large and small, are great for smaller items or messy toys like crayons, art supplies and LEGOs. Organization is easy because most of these bins are transparent, letting you know exactly what is inside. Plastic storage bins also stack very well for quick and easy long-term storage.


Drawers in a chest of drawers or dresser are a good nursery storage compromise between quick storage and organizational capacity. Unfortunately, many drawers are designed for clothes and won’t fit bigger toys. The number of toys also always seems to outpace the amount of extra drawer space. A nice strength of drawers is that once toys are put away and the drawers are closed, they are out of sight, making the nursery feel cleaner.


Popular in classrooms, cubbies are also an often used solution is nursery storage. Cubbies are easy to label, very accessible to smaller children, making it easier for them to find new toys or put away old ones. Cubbies also offer a nursery storage separation that facilitates a level of organization for different toys. One drawback to cubbies is that they don’t use space very efficiently and are prone to being overloaded with toys that will later fall out.

Which is the best for me?

From toy chests to cubbies, having dedicated spaces for nursery storage is essential to a well-designed nursery.

But every situation is different, and you need a custom solution. Contact a California Closets representative to find out what the best kind of nursery storage is for you.