Closet Design Norwalk

Homeowners in Shelton love working with California Closets, where state of the art technology meets eye-to-eye customer service. Customization is a careful balance between what is true and tested and what has yet to be imagined. It is important to rely on professional expertise without forgetting to innovate. California Closets Norwalk has a closet design process that knows how to strike the balance.

Customized and Personalized Closet Design for Norwalk

The first step in the process is meeting your designer. When you schedule a complimentary design consultation they come visit you at your home and the work begins. The goal of the designer in this first meeting is twofold: assessing the physical storage space for its potential and helping you boil down your goals.

How would you like the redesigned storage space to address your needs? What is currently not working? Guiding questions such as these help convert your inclinations and tastes into design-ready lingo.  You and your designer will come up with different scenarios for your Norwalk closet design.

Next comes the most interactive step of the process. The designer creates a three-dimensional simulation of your redesigned storage space but then they give you the reigns. The easy to use program lets you virtually walk-through the space and experiment with color, configuration, accents and all other elements of the design.

Your Norwalk home’s closet design blueprints are sent to the California Closets factory located in Connecticut – from screen to machine with zero headaches. Next comes the installation phase in which a professional team implements the closet design in under a day, guaranteed.

The Last Step of the Closet Design Norwalk Process

Now the most important part of the process begins – you and your family happily enjoying the new closet design in your Norwalk home.