Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Northbrook

If you’ve been looking for a home improvement upgrade that provides your home with an additional versatility, we have for you Northbrook wall beds! Half home upgrade, half magic trick, this convenient bed will fold or roll into the wall during the day for more space, and fold out at night for an amazing sleep!

High Functioning Bed

If you have been thinking about ways to maximize the amount of space and function in your home, a wall bed may be the way to go.  With our Northbrook murphy beds, you can customize in any way you need to optimize the needs and desires of you and your home.

Play Well

With Northbrook wall beds, you’ll be able to fold up your bed into a number of things.  Imagine the versatility created by the additional space!  You can either go with a day office and fold the bed into its desk, or a home gym, or a music room, or a library.  The possibilities are endless when you make the space and capacity for all types of play!

Rest Well

The best part of Northbrook Murphy beds is that they are not just convenient, but also amazing beds, too!  Most wall beds creak and moan with the exhaustion of compactibility.  With a Northbrook wall bed, you’ll fold down into a most comfortable sleeping experience with no creaking, no aches or pains, and a good night's rest for you or your guests.

Live Well!

Now, with the beauty and comfort of the Northbrook murphy beds, you’ll have more space and fun in your home.  Call us today to set up a consultation.