Closet Systems North Texas

California Closets North Texas knows that great organization in the home doesn’t have to be chore. Often, it can be as simple as thinking more carefully about how you use your existing storage spaces, and making small changes that will greatly improve the efficiency of your closet systems.

Simple Tips for Better Closets

Start getting more out of your closets with these home organization tips from our North Texas closet systems experts.

• Use baskets. Baskets can be a great and easy way to group items you want on hand, but aren’t always necessary. For example, put out-of-season accessories in a basket at the top of your closet.

• Add a hook for dry-cleaning. Having a separate space to hang your dry cleaning before it goes into the closet. Also, you can use the same space to stage outfits before you try them on, letting you see how you’d look before you even change clothes!

• Get better hangers. Hanging clothes helps keep them clean and organized, but wire hangers are often too insubstantial to properly hold heavier clothes. Ditch the wire and go with wood or hard plastic hangers instead.

• Put jewelry in boxes. jewelry boxes help you know where everything is (and keep you from panicking that you lost something beautiful and expensive).

For more ideas on how to de-clutter you life, call our North Texas closet systems experts today. Our designers understand that storage space is most useful when it supports the specific lifestyles of its homeowners, and they will work with you at every step to make sure that your new closets will be the best fit for how you live your life.

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