Closet Design North Texas

We have been pleased to serve the North Texas area with closet designs for over 25 years. Our store is in Dallas, but we cater to communities all across the region. Our name, California Closets, may refer to a different place, but as part of the west it shares an affinity with local traditions.

Locally Owned North Texas Closet Design

As a company, we believe in giving autonomy to our individual stores. There are headquarters, which provides support. There are also common manufacturing centers allowing for an economy of scale that translates into lower prices and better quality for you, the consumer.

And indeed, California Closets is the largest closet design company not only in North Texas, but worldwide. We think globally, but act locally. Through a franchise structure, we entrust all the local decisions to a fellow Texan like you, who understands what the area is all about. That owner hires locally and contributes to charitable causes in your area.

The franchise brings a local flavor to the home improvement experience and we bring the work of award winning professionals. On the one hand we follow global trends in design and on the other hand we help shape those trends through innovation. North Texas closet design is in step with the advancements worldwide.

What you can expect, even knowing that there is enormous variation in the styles and configurations of our closets, is that you will receive a product that is both functional and beautiful. Personalized to your personal needs and tastes, your North Texas closet design will be something special.

Prepare for North Texas Closet Design

If you are currently dreaming of renovating your home, a great idea is to schedule a free consultation with our experts. North Texas closet design is at your fingertips. We are excited to work with you.