Wall Beds & Murphy Beds North Shore

Whether you've got friends coming up for the weekend, or are just hoping to maintain the versatility of the spare room in your home by not committing a bulky mattress to it, wall beds North Shore from California Closets are the ideal solution. Tucking into a closet system, these comfortable beds employ an easy pull-down mechanism, allowing everyone to use them at a moment's notice, while also maintaining that high degree of organization that we love when hidden! No longer will you have to struggle with air mattresses or yanking spare beds out of the garage.

Murphy Beds North Shore: Easier Than The Rest

Dispelling Notions

Where once you had the creaky futon, or an air mattress taped together at the seams, you now have untold versatility and ease with wall beds North Shore. Pull out mattresses have long held a stigma of difficulty, and for good reason, as they were too often difficult and cumbersome to justify their addition. These Murphy beds North Shore have completely re-written the book on spare mattresses, as they promise organization when not in use, and comfort when unfurled.

Organization Achieved

You've got a spare room, but are hoping to keep its uses varied. In order to maximize the functionality, organization is key, and having a spare bed in the room makes that difficult. Wall beds North Shore are part of a larger closet system, which can be customized to your storage needs in a variety of ways. Add extra shelves or drawers for hobby pieces or book storage to make the room look fresh and tidy. Your guests will be shocked when a comfortable bed emerges!

Promised Comfort

Air beds and spare mattresses may have been convenient in the past, but they sacrificed comfort for those who had to use them. Murphy beds North Shore from California Closets are a completely different story, as they combine comfort and convenience for a truly pleasurable experience.  These are full-fledged mattresses--no air pumping involved--ensuring a good night's sleep for your guests, and easy clean up the next day!

Wall Beds North Shore: Your Ticket To Comfort and Organization

Preserve your spare room's versatility with the help of Murphy beds North Shore from California Closets. Make yourself an appointment for a free in-home design consultation to see how easy the installation process is with us!