Custom Closets North Shore

A pioneer in the home custom storage industry, California Closets remains connected to its roots. Our franchise providing North Shore with custom closets and storage products has been in the area since 1984, making it a veteran in the community. While our values and commitments have remained the same, our design process has grown along with the technological boom and we would like to show you how.

The Process Behind North Shore Custom Closets

We still meet you the old fashion way: face-to-face. When you make an appointment, we send a designer to your home for a complimentary consultation. Creating new custom closets North Shore is a partnership between you and the staff. We provide support to enable and inspire your creativity.

At that first meeting the designer will assess the space for its potential: hanging space, shelving space, wall capacity, limiting angles and other dimensions. They will ask you a few questions about your needs and tastes.

What are the shortcomings of the current storage space?

How would you like to use it in the future?

Is there a certain style you are looking for?

Together you will come up with an idea of what you want. The designer will take those parameters and go to work creating a three-dimensional rendering of the North Shore home and its custom closet. You will be to do a virtual walk through of the space altering all elements of the design as you go. Experiment with color, lighting, configuration, accent and trim. This is the part that customers love most!

Fabricating Your Custom Closets North Shore

The next step is sending the finalized plans to the manufacturing department. The parts for your North Shore are freshly minted in local factories. The last step is the installation process, which takes our team less than a day to complete.