Custom Closets North Jersey

The destination for custom closets North Jersey for 26 years has been California Closets. Don’t think of it as an import, but as a custom closets empire that spans coast-to-coast. With hundreds of franchises all across the United States, we still don’t forget to emphasize local traditions.

Local North Jersey Custom Closets

How is it that California Closets can think globally but feel local at the same time? We can split this up into two questions.

From Canada to Mexico, and from the West Coast to North Jersey, we lead the custom closets industry. With our lead, personalized closet design has had a metamorphosis from a small business into a major industry. We are proud to announce that we continue to innovate everyday. It comes from the meticulous training of our staff, our first rate construction materials, and our vast experience in customer care. North Jersey custom closets benefit from a world-class operation.

But we also like to keep it local at California Closets. That is why our franchise is locally owned, and we hire from the North Jersey area. Your custom closets will be assembled in our nearby facility, and the manufacturing is done right around the corner. We know the neighborhood because we have been part of the business community for almost three decades. You will feel right at home when you shop for North Jersey custom closets.

Customization is the foundation of good home furnishings. It means you get to design the configuration and specifications of your product, while we take care of the contours, angles and calculations. Our products are so customizable there is no space to small or challenging for us.

Expect the Best with North Jersey Custom Closets

Our service and warranty will carry you through, because we never back away from giving our customers what they need. Guaranteed quality is the way to go for North Jersey custom closets.