Closet Design for North Jersey Residents

Great closet design can be highly aesthetic, and can also be a great kick-start to turning over a new leaf and becoming more organized in both your home and your life. But did you know that closet design can help your relationship? It's true! Poor closet design is a likely cause for many bedroom-sharing tiffs. Here's how great closet design can save your relationship from turning ugly in the closet:

Great Closet Design for a Better Relationship

Start every morning happy. 

We don't all enjoy waking up in the morning. You might be grumpy, he might be running late. And getting dressed is not something you want to stress out over -- not at this hour! So why not make the getting dressed part an enjoyable experience? With good closet design, all of the items that both of you need will be easily accessible -- and you won't have to trip over each other to get it. Begin every morning utilizing a closet design that makes you feel good.

Clear division.

What? Your shoes are taking over more than half the closet? Assuming he's not just exaggerating... that's just not fair. Nor should his nappy gym sweatshirts be encroaching over onto your collection of high end cashmeres. That's more than just unfair -- that's a crime! Good closet design from a California Closets North Jersey specialist will ensure that these crossovers don't happen where and when you don't want them to. They'll also work with you to understand where it's okay to share space -- and possibly even clothing items!

Taking stock.

One of the biggest complaints that people have when living together is that the other person has "so much stuff." But volume is a tricky thing. An overstuffed, disorganized closet gives the appearance of being too full, when in reality, the number of commonly used items is very little. Closet design should give you a good glimpse into closet inventory, which will allow each member of a shared closet to keep track of their belongings and know when it's time to give away or dispose of something. There are other advantages of visibility as well. If you know at a glance which clean shirts he has, you can make off-the-cuff suggestions as to shirt choices for an evening out, without having to think about a backup option. And if he knows that most of your clothing is black, he'll be less likely to buy you a loud orange tunic for your birthday. (Loud orange earrings are of course fair game!)

Ready to Begin?

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