A beautiful and modern Murphy Bed

A beautiful, modern, red and grey Wall Bed

When space is at a premium nothing turns a room into a multi-functional space like a Murphy bed. Custom wall beds have been around for a long time but they’ve also come a long way. Today’s Murphy beds can be beautifully incorporated into any room and designed to fit the room’s primary purpose.

In smaller homes we often need rooms to perform double duty and a Murphy wall bed is the perfect way to do that. If the main purpose of your spare room is as an office we can easily integrate a desk into your wall bed. Alternatively if you require your spare room to serve as open exercise space we can artfully design a unit that blends into the wall.

At California Closets we have the ability to build fully customized wall beds. You can incorporate drawers, shelving units, hanging wardrobes, nightstands or side tables, or any other custom ideas you may have. We only use authentic Murphy bed hardware so you know you’re getting the best.