California Closets debut on Kim's Closet!

California Closets had a unique opportunity to sponsor Kim’s Closet – a show featuring fashion and tips in the Cincinnati area. 

"We are not flying guests to exotic places to shop. We are taking men and women shopping right in their hometown. The guest and the viewer truly cannot learn style lessons if the resources that we show them are not accessible," Anderson explained.

In this show, Anderson will serve double duty as both host and stylist, where she'll makeover Cincinnati men and women in way that works with their lifestyle and can be maintained.

The show has also picked up a sponsor, California Closets, an international custom closet and storage installation company with a location in Mason.

"I really like Kim's approach to helping everyday people regain their personal style.  She genuinely wants to help people, in a very uplifting way, feel good about who they are.  This is not a show about glitz and glamour only; it is about rediscovery and real people," said California Closets of Mason President Charlie Meyer.
  Excerpt from TLC announcement April 2010 and video