4 Great Reasons To Decorate With Wood Grains

There are limitless ways to decorate a room. How do you choose a style? Where do you begin? Sometimes the best solutions are the easiest ones. Choosing wood grain as a foundation for your design can provide terrific results. Here are four great reasons to include wood grain as part of your design palette:

Wood gives your living space more personality

Wood imparts strong emotions and memories and can create a palpable sense of connection to a space.

Darker tones may remind you of a cozy cabin, a book-filled library or a warm ski lodge. Lighter tones might bring to mind sun-filled kitchens, summer picnics or a serene spa. Subtle variances in grain will also create a unique flavor as no two wood grains are alike.

People gravitate towards items that remind them of nature.

Have you noticed how relaxed you feel in a room filled with plants or accented with flowers? We are comforted and soothed in environments like this.

Trees have a similar calming effect. When you use wood grain finishes in your home, you are creating a fundamental and natural feeling of harmony and relaxation.

Wood makes a subtle statement of high-quality design

The finest furniture you can find is almost always crafted from wood. The look is refined and elegant, whether you use a modern or traditional style. Renovating a room to include wood grain finishes will make it look like you spent a fortune – even if you didn’t.

Wood grains give you plenty of options

The beauty of decorating with wood grain is that it can enhance many different decorative styles. It can be rustic or streamlined, traditional or modern. Deep, rich tones bestow a warm, luxurious feeling. Bright finishes bring a sense of lightness and comfort. Think about how you want to feel in the room you’re designing and then choose a wood grain that matches those emotions.