Ecoresin® Accents

We know that stunning design is achieved by integrating unique materials with distinctive, innovative components. California Closets opens new possibilities that bring natural materials - such as thinly sliced bamboo and hand dyed leaves - to your home.


Encapsulates colors, organic materials, and textures in translucent panels that can transform into many architectural solutions for your whole home, such as drawer and door fronts, sliding doors for your entertainment center, or to enhance your home office or wine pantry.  



Transform more than just space…they help protect our environment and contribute to peoples’ lives. Ecoresin is made from a specifically formulated co-polyester resin which is both environmentally responsible and high-performing.


Giving Back

LOW IMPACT & GIVING BACK: Three of the Ecoresin patterns we offer return profits to communities in Nepal and China to help with education and to improve living conditions. 

Originating from natural materials, harvested and processed by artisans in isolated villages, this is one way you and California Closets can partner to give back to the global community.

Bamboo Rings

Fairy Tale

Fossil Leaf


Antique Fleur

Connection Passion

Jacquard Black Cherry

Linea Ivory

Note: Ecoresins have translucent backgrounds; please refer to actual samples for true representation of product.

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