Walk-in Master Closet

Walk-in master closet built in candelight finish with brushed chrome hardware complete with a crown molding valance to finish off the look. Designed by Sarah Taylor; Installed in Lakewood, Colorado. 

Customer Feedback: 

"The 2 guys who built our closet were diligent, informative, knowledgeable, clean and professional. It took several hours to build our Master Closet - a stuffy, enclosed area but they worked continually and answered any questions I had. Before they even began, they laid cloths or tarps down on the floor from the door to the closet to protect my floors. At the finish, they brought in their own vacuum and cleaned all dust and particles from their job. There were a couple of things that had to be done as a followup the next day. I received a couple phone calls regarding this and as promised, one of the guys returned the next day with the needed pieces. Because I had already placed several items of clothing in the closet I found a couple of the hanging bars needed to be raised. I asked if he would do it, or would it be easy for me to do. He said he would absolutely do it, no problem. He asked if I needed any other changes or adjustments because he would be happy to do them while he was here. I didn't. Before we chose this company, we looked at several other companies before choosing California Closets, had even placed an order w/ one company, who didn't keep us informed of anything and didn't come close to meeting their promised install date - we cancelled that order and began another search, this time including California Closests though we knew the cost might be more. No other company offered the service or professionalism that California Closets did. We would use them again and/or certainly recommend them to anyone. The extra cost gave us efficiency, professionalism and exactly what we wanted." ~S&M Bartsch