Custom Closets Niu Valley

The time has come for you to give your home some love and affection. One way you can do that is by considering the installation of a brand new Niu Valley custom closet. We promise that your new closet will do exactly what you want it to, because its designed by you!

Get Excited

Never been so excited about a closet before? We aren’t surprised, but now is the time to do so.  With our Niu Valley custom closets, you’ll have astounding access to endless possibilities of high functioning layouts designed to serve precisely your valuables.

Your Vision, Your Closet

Niu Valley custom closets are built according to what you want.  We ensure that our process is fun, friendly, and focused on you.  After all, it is your home, and it is your upgrade project, and it's your stuff you are storing!  As such, we have expertly trained many compassionate consultants who will hear your vision and needs and turn it into a blueprint that will work for you.

Affordable and Effective

If you are hesitant to pick up the phone because of your money situation, we understand.  At California Closets, we provide the quality and service of other pricier upgrades without the hullaballoo.  For example, you can get something that keeps your home clean and fresh like marble flooring or granite countertops could never do.  We pride ourselves in giving you an upgrade that really does something to improve your home beyond superficialities.

Start Anew

If you are ready for a breath of life in your aging home, it may be time to get a Niu Valley custom closet.