Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Newmarket

Having guests can be an enriching experience; catching up, going out to dinner, or hosting a holiday weekend are the types of memories that we cherish. What we often times don't remember is the night's sleep that we have when we're guests, or the struggle as the hosts to find a place for everyone to be for the evening. Wall beds Newmarket from California Closets provide guests with an ideal place to rest their heads while simultaneously keeping hosts relaxed and their homes versatile for when their friends and family are not in town. By not committing a room solely to a guest bed, you're able use it for a variety of activities.

Wall Beds Newmarket Usher In Versatility

Simple Hosting

California Closets Murphy beds Newmarket employ a simple pull-down device, allowing anyone to unfurl the comfortable bed tucked behind. Where air mattresses provide convenience, these products exceed it by their degree of simplicity, while also promising a comfortable bed where popping is not a worry. You won't be waiting for inflation or struggling to carry an extra mattress out of the garage any longer.

Tucked Into Style

Our Murphy beds Newmarket are complemented by their exterior hiding place--one of California Closets' famously stylish closet systems. Equipped with space-creating tools like extra shelves and drawers, you'll increase the versatility of the room while also bringing in a fresh burst of style. As is the case with all of our products, you're given final edit on the woodgrain and hardware, ensuring a congruent fit with the rest of your home.

Other Activities

Where there once was an off-limits room due to a mattress, there is now a wealth of space that can be used for a variety of different things. Use the space provided by your wall beds Newmarket to get a sweat going with some yoga, or perhaps add an easel and a tarp underneath to create that hobby area you've always wanted.

Murphy Beds Newmarket Add A World Of Potential

Happy guests, happy hosts--this is the reality provided by wall beds Newmarket. Give us a call today, or schedule your appointment online for a free in-home design consultation!