Newmarket Garage Storage

"How is your garage looking? Are you like 50% of homeowners in North America who say their garage is the most disorganized space in the house. Your garage is one of the most challenging spaces in your home to keep organized. It is the space you store those odd shaped and oversized items that won't fit inside. It's also the space where you store occasional items like sporting equipment, camping gear or Christmas decorations that you only need at certain times of the year - but when you do need them you want them to be accessible and organized. Your garage is also the place you need to keep your car, which takes up a lot of space!

Garage Storage Newmarket: Some tips to transform your garage.

Organizing other spaces in your Newmarket home like a work desk or your kitchen pantry is really just a simple organic process of determining what items you use most, and putting them in the most accesible spot - then working outwards from there. But your garage is more of a challenge. Here are some tips from California Closets Newmarket to help you reorganize your garage and make it a clear flowing space you can be proud of.

1. Dedicate a few days to this - maybe a weekend. Have a sort out on day 1; a garage sale and a goodwill trip on day 2; and storage organization on day 3. You might like to get the whole family involved - if they know where everything is meant to go they are more likely to put things back in their proper place.

2. Have a look through your garage and start to group your items into categories. You will likely have a list of occasional items like luggage, sporting gear, camping equipment, automotive items, holiday decorations, and garden stuff, which need to be kept and stored properly. But you will also likely have things you hardly use. These items need to go in the trash, donate, or garage sale pile.

3. Start grouping your items in the garage according to their category. You might try placing these items in boxes and labeling them.

4. Think about your garage layout. You want to make sure the items you use often have a clear pathway to them. Items like the recycling bin should be kept near the entrance so it’s easy to take out, and cleaning products should be strategically placed in an accessible spot. You should aim to make all your items accessible though and not have to pull everything out to get to it.

5. There is no better way to organize your garage than with custom solutions from California Closets Newmarket. They have an amazing range of garage storage options that can be customized to suit any garage space and any sized storage item. Stop by today and let one of the in-store designers take you through the many options available to tranform your garage.