Custom Storage Newmarket

In the past, custom storage used to require the assistance of an architect who would use their skills and connections to order a specially built closet system for your home. Today, with the advent of California Closets, homes such as yours in Newmarket enjoy easy access to custom storage solutions.

Empowerment and Newmarket Custom Storage

Working with California Closets is about being empowered to make decisions about your own home design. California Closets is set up to turn you into the architect of the design process.  Instead of hiding trade secrets behind a professional, the experts at this home design brand allow you full access. Who better to know what you need and like than you?

Not only does Newmarket custom storage mean you get the reigns, it also means you can chuck the generic storage that always falls short.

The custom design process is a satisfying and cooperative project between you and your design consultant. Identify your problem and your goals with the help of the designers at California Closets. They will create an approximation of your future custom storage on a three-dimensional computer model. You will be able to navigate the virtual space and experiment with all the various adjustments to your custom storage. Play with accessories, configuration, colour, and trim to create a product in complete harmony with your home.

When the storage matches you, it will be able to serve your organizational needs best. Sleek and efficient closets means you will be de-cluttering with style in no time.

Newmarket Custom Storage for Any Space

Give California Closets a call today about your very own custom storage Newmarket layouts!