New York Wardrobes

Thinking of adding more storage space in the form of a closet or wardrobe to your New York home? It's a great time to start thinking about re-organizing your interior space and de-cluttering your life, leaving you more time to enjoy the things you love to do.

Closet or Wardrobe?

Choosing between a wardrobe and a closet to best accommodate your clothes is a difficult choice. Learn about the strengths and liabilities of each clothing storage solution below, and find out whether a wardrobe or a closet is best for your situation and New York lifestyle.

In comparison to a wardrobe, a closet is a much more durable solution to storing clothes. Closets usually have more capacity and allow for the storage of a variety of different types of items including boxes and bins.

Closets are also designed in ways that they do not visibly occupy space in rooms, but instead are inset into walls. A wardrobe, on the other hand, can take up a lot of space in a room and often must be placed awkwardly to allow for its doors to fully open. If you live in a small New York space, for example, a wardrobe might cause it to feel too cramped.

Despite its less permanent status, a New York wardrobe can provide many advantages over a closet. The most obvious is that it is much less difficult to put a wardrobe in a room than to have a closet installed, especially if a room did not already have a closet. You already spend quite a bit of money living in New York, so why not save some time and money by not remodeling your home to fit more closet space?

And let's not forget the aesthetic touch that an elegant wardrobe can add to a room. A wardrobe, especially an antique armoire, can make a beautiful addition to room furniture in your New York home, serving an aesthetic purpose that mere closets do not.

Which Will You Choose?

It's a difficult choice, and one that we're ready to help with. Contact California Closets New York to discuss your closet and wardrobe options.