New York Wall Beds

Maximize the flexibility and functionality of a room in your New York home with our California Closets New York wall bed. This classic hidden built-in bed is great for house guests, or simply making a bedroom more functional and spacious during the day. Wall beds are a great option for expanding families, people who entertain guests often, or to make that home office or hobby room more feasible.

Your New York Wall Bed Specialists

"Here at California Closets New York, we like to say that we provide "storage that fits you to a tee." In many cases, size customization and fitting storage items in small space comes secondary, because our customers have more space and flexibility. But quite often, we run into some seriously challenging cases! New York is a perfect example of the challenges of tighter, more unique spaces.

That's why we specialize in wall beds, or Murphy beds, as you might know them. Though they originated all the way across the country in San Francisco, they are quintessential New York! Why? Wall beds are great for guests, which living in New York, you tend to get lots of them. Everyone seems love our dear city... A wall bed is also essential for those who are lacking extra rooms to turn into guest bedrooms. During the day, a wall bed "hides" in a room, so that room can function as something other than a bedroom -- a home office or craft room, for example. It could even be in your living room!

California Closets New York can provide such high levels of customization with the wall bed we will put in your home because we are a self-manufacturing facility. All of our products are made in our 40,000 square foot Hawthorne production plant, and we use an efficient design-to-factory process that ensures that the wall bed you want will be built exactly to your specifications, to fit just perfectly in you dedicated space.

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Our dedication to the quality of our products and our clients’ experience has solidified our place as New York's leading provider of wall beds. Contact us today to schedule a free, in-home consultation with a designer who will work with you to create the best wall bed for your needs.