Thinking About a New York Home Office?

Having a home office in New York is a great idea. Imagine not having to commute every day, facing traffic, subways, and alternatively sticky hot and freezing cold weather? There are certainly many benefits of having a home office in your New York apartment or house. California Closets New York specializes in custom-made, high quality home office solutions for New York homeowners.

Getting Started

Call us today to schedule a free, in-home home office design consultation. In the meantime, however, you can start thinking about your home office needs. Will it be used for office work only? By you, or your partner and/or family? What kind of working environment do you prefer -- quiet or lively? Colorful or neutral?

Here are some other points to consider for your New York home office:

Think about establishing a a focal point for your New York home office. A focal point is the first thing you see when you enter a space. It is necessary in all design, and many home offices don’t have a natural focal point like a fireplace, or a large bank of windows with a view. If your focal point is your desk, you might want to give it visual impact. Talk to your California Closets New York home office designer about the possibilities of hanging grouped artwork, placing a bookshelf behind it, or installing a specialized wall treatment made of wallpaper, fabric or a decorative mural. You can also add an area rug or drop a chandelier to ground the space.

What kind of lighting do you prefer? Lighting is often the most overlooked area in home office design, especially when professional home office designers like California Closets are not involved. We recommend at least 3 sources of light in your New York home office, and natural light, of course, is highly desirable. Don't forget, you can use lighting as a way to express your personality and style!