Wall Beds New York City

With space in the Big Apple being at more of a premium now than ever, New York City residents need to find new, creative ways to get the most bang for their buck! New York City wall beds from California Closets are becoming all the rage, and are absolutely essential to getting the most out of your living space.

Radically Transform Your Entire Apartment

Create a whole new room to get your rent down to more reasonable levels! Turn your living room into a pop up guest room with a classy, appealing wall bed. Completely transform any room in your entire house into an as-you-need-it living space or a dedicated guest bedroom! New York City wall beds give you flexibility you could never have dreamed you had when you moved into your “two-bedroom” apartment for a premium!

Our rents are going through the roof here in the city that never sleeps! However, with a little creativity and some expert help, any apartment can feel like a palace! New York City wall beds are starting to catch on, and allow you to transform your apartment and find space you never thought you had. We waste so much space in our homes by not looking to our walls to provide us with new flexibility and options.

Tired of telling your relatives that there is no where for them to sleep in your home except the couch? Are your friends sick of having to crash on your hard-wood floor after a late night out at New York’s famous bars and clubs? Let us at California Closets take care of you!

Your Home Can Have More Options Than You Ever Imagined!

Extravagant New York City wall beds from California Closets are the new, fashionable way to cut down on costs, give yourself added flexibility, or create new spaces. Looking to add another roommate and cut down on costs? Just want somewhere where Mom and Dad can come stay for the holidays? Don’t dream any longer! Call us today for a free consultation!