Murphy Beds New York City

New Yorkers are known to make the space of their home work for them, regardless of size. That’s why California Closets is offering New York City Murphy beds. Also known as wall beds, Murphy beds are foldable beds that can convert a bedroom into a multipurpose room. With their modern and dynamic design, New York City Murphy beds are the perfect amenity for your home.

Why Go Out When You Can Stay in With New York City Murphy Beds?

Entertaining can be hard when there isn’t enough space to fit all of your guests.  But with New York City Murphy beds, you don’t have to go out to entertain.  With New York City wall beds, you can convert your bedroom into an entertainment room with this easy-to-use foldable wall bed.  With its straightforward application, you can transform your room effortlessly without having to be a body-builder.  New York City Murphy beds combine sturdy hinges with a virtually weightless bed frame so you can feel secure about having a great night sleep while also taking comfort in its easy maneuverability.

Perfect for small apartment studios and spare guestrooms, you can give any room an added dimension with the versatile New York City Murphy bed.  Turn your bedroom into a gym when you don’t have time to go out and exercise, or a study if you need a quiet place to get work done. Need an extra guestroom over the holidays? With New York City Murphy beds, indulge in the luxury of versatility. What’s more, you can easily attach a shelving unit to your New York City Murphy bed and use your bed’s flat side as storage for shoes or books when it’s in its upright position.

Affordable, Adaptable, and Attractive Designs Make This Decision a No Brainer

With an affordable yet chic design, turn your one-trick-pony into a crowd pleaser for all to enjoy.  And with a free, in-home consultation, why put it off any longer?