Closet Design New York City

So you’re in the market for a new closet. You’re probably tired of that single row of wire shelving that might only fit a quarter of your belongings. You need more shelves for folded shirts, a belt rack and you think you might even need some drawer space. Don’t know what to look for? Well look no further! If you need help with home organization in New York City, California Closets can help turn your cluttered home into a perfectly organized space. Not only do we provide you with an optimized space to place your belongings, but we also provide you with the gift of an organized lifestyle. So give us a call today and schedule your free consultation!

New York City Closet Design As Unique As You Are

We know your space is as unique as you are, and no one design will fit all your custom closet needs or requirements. That is why a California Closets New York City closet design is the perfect solution to all your closet needs.

With the help of our experienced closet designers, you will be able to customize every aspect of your closet design. From choosing the ratio of hanging space to shelving down to selecting the accessories that will enhance your space, your closet design will be a true reflection of your taste, personality and lifestyle.

You Took the First Step

Now give us a call today to schedule your free consultation! You’ll meet with one of our experienced designers to discuss your wants, needs and goals for your closet space. From there we’ll help you visualize exactly what your closet will look like when completed. So if you’re looking to maximize your space and get on the path to organization, a New York City closet design by California Closets is waiting for you.