Custom Closets New Westminster

Organization is personal--your way of cleaning and organizing the house is probably not the same as your neighbor’s, or your best friend’s, or maybe even your partner’s. We make autonomous decisions every day about the way we want our personal spaces to look, and your New Westminster custom closets are the perfect place to start.

A Lifetime of Organization With New Westminster Custom Closets

Spearheaded by the need to personalize organization, California Closets has become the leading name in custom closet systems with hundreds of locations all over the U.S.  Now in New Westminster, custom closets for your home are but an arms length away. 

Designing your New Westminster custom closets may seem like a daunting task, but with the help of our expert designers, your closet design will go from drab to delectable in 1-2-3.

The first step to having your New Westminster custom closets and beginning your new leash on home organization is calling to set up your complementary design consultation.  Here, one of our knowledgeable associates will come by your home and analyze your space to help you figure out the spaces in your home that you want to transform.  New Westminster custom closets can be designed and built for a variety of spaces including entryways, bedrooms, media centers, pantries, kids’ rooms, nurseries, garages and even home offices!

The next step is to create the blueprint that you want to fit your specific needs. Whether you are attempting to create a new space and feel for your bedroom, or hoping to incorporate your New Westminster custom closets into an existing frame, we’ll work with you to build the closets of your dreams.

The last step is installation, where our construction team quickly and precisely will install your New Westminster custom closets into the frame of your home so that they are beautiful, sturdy and built to last.

New Westminster Custom Closets For You

Everything about your New Westminster custom closets is up to you.  That is, you choose everything from the wood colored finish to small design accents that enhance the beauty of your home, and make excellence in closet design an integral part of your home.