Custom Closets New Vernon

If you’re tired of repeatedly cleaning up the same messy closet and never seeing any improvement, it’s high time you had your New Vernon custom closets built and installed. California Closets offers affordable and attractive storage solutions for every individual’s needs.

What’s Inside Your Closet?

Closets come in all shapes and sizes  Some are big and allow us to pace back and forth in their grandeur-- but what to do with all that space? Other closets only allow for a short arm’s reach in, and then we’re forced to deal with cramped clothes and not enough room.

Some closets have what you might call defects, such as slanted walls and shelves too high to even reach. What if your closet could remain the quirky closet that it is but with a functional flare that screams beauty and efficiency? The advantage of building your own custom closets New Vernon is that your closet stays the same; all we do is change the structure.

Our custom closets are designed for effectiveness, so yours will be constructed according to your needs. Why keep all your bulky sweaters in plain view when it’s almost summer time?  One design solution would be to store those items overhead in the months that they are not being used. We also offer a variety of pull systems to store items such as belts and ties, so they aren’t consistently wrinkled.

Custom Closets New Vernon For Your Home

Don’t give up on your closet just because it isn’t the ideal space or shape that you want it to be. We at California Closets see every closet as a white canvas ready and able to be converted into almost anything you can think up. Call now for your free in-home design consultation and make your custom closet dreams come true!