New Jersey Home Remodeling

New Jersey is growing every year and residents are exploring novel ways of dealing with increasingly less space. Many residents may dream of a comprehensive home remodeling project that meets all of their wildest dreams, however most do not know that they can accomplish these dreams without the hassle of a full home remodel.

The Alternative Home Remodeling Solution

A California Closets home remodeling solution does not involve the removal of walls or the reconfiguration of floor plans.  Instead, our designers focus on your home’s storage health and organization.  Our custom closets and storage solutions can often be just what your home needed.  By removing clutter and making more efficient use of space, your home will transform before your eyes.


While this New Jersey home remodeling solution is unconventional, it is effective.  Our designers are trained to work with every type of room, home and home life in creating the solution of the homeowner’s dreams.  While no home is the same, our  experienced designers are equipped  to tackle any obstacle and recognize any opportunity that may arise during a home remodel.


The California Closets Promise

California Closets New Jersey seeks to deliver exceptional design and customer service to your next home remodeling project.  While there are many New Jersey home remodeling companies, only California Closets has the experience to get the job done right.