About Us

California Closets New England


California Closets New England opened in Boston in 1984 with an aim to perfect the art of storage in the region's often tight confines and historic housing. Over thirty  years of operation, we've crafted design solutions for projects in every type of space New England has to offer. From finding innovative closet organizers and custom armoire solutions to match heritage colonials, to inspirational modern designs using our sleek Virtuoso Collection and everything in between, California Closets New England has the experience and design expertise to make any space into an intuitive storage solution.  


With designers and showrooms throughout New England, California Closets offers the tools needed to organize and inspire any project and any design. Call (800) 225-6901 to schedule a free design consultation, or simply enter your zip-code above for the nearest showroom and pay us a visit. Our 8 showrooms are conveniently located in Brighton, Peabody, Hingham, Natick, Hopkinton, Hyannis, Warwick, Rhode Island and West Hartford, Connecticut. 


From start to finish, all of our customers are treated with the utmost respect for their time and vision. Our job is to make your life easier: from the design, to installation, to the use of our closet, home office and storage systems, we craft an experience that fits your life and your priorities. Our installers are trained using a comprehensive 16 step process to ensure quality of craftsmanship and customer service. Using the latest 3D Design tools, our designers are equipped with the technology and training to bring your custom storage solution to life. 

Our state of the art, 30,000 sq ft. factory and manufacturing facility can handle even the most finicky designs and measurement, creating the ability to truly customize every aspect of your design.


California Closets is proud to instill in every member of its team our credo: our statement of core beliefs and values in how we run our business with how we treat our customers. We expect our employees to follow these core values and commitments to our product and clients in every action they take as a part of the California Closets team. 

Our Values
  • We value "We" 
  • We expect excellence
  • We have backbone 
  • We take inspiration from anyone, anywhere 
  • We lead 
Our Commitments 
  • We value our values
  • We are here to simplify home and life 
  • We understand our customers 
  • We come prepared
  • We deliver the California Closets Experience
  • We build enduring customer relationships 
  • We value time 
  • We considder every customer interaction is an opportunity to shine 
  • We make appearances count
  • We seek know-how
  • Our standards are standard
  • We analyze what matters 
  • We honor the greater good
  • We embrace change 

The California Closets Experience is a never-ending pursuit of providing order, tranquility and style. It permeates life and living. It is useful, practical and knowledgeable. It is simple, seamless and empowering. The California Closets Experience is warm, friendly, and attentive. It is flexible, personal, and customized. It has confidence and, more important, it has awareness of and respect for customer feelings and sensitivities.

Please call today to schedule your FREE Design Consultation (800) 225 − 6901.