Wall Beds Nevada

With 20 years of service to the area, we are the epitome of company that is proud to be local. Our franchise is owned and operated locally and all manufacturing of our products is done right here in Nevada. Wall beds, which are one of your specialties, are taking off as an option for many homes.

About California Closets Nevada Wall Beds

Wall beds can add an amazing degree of versatility to your home office, den or living room. They are the ultimate eat your cake and have it too piece of furniture. For example, wall beds can make any space a back-up guest room. When you are not hosting guests, they free up as a space for children to play, for hobbies, or for work.

The design experts at California Closets Nevada specialize in making wall beds that blend with your home’s interior. When closed they can appear as a media center or as a closet. Choose from a variety of finishes that will almost make you forget there is a bed hiding behind the wall.

Operating a wall bed is much easier than it used to be. It only takes the lightest touch to lift and lower. With a reliable mechanism, you can be assured of the safety and durability of your investment.

Wall beds are a great option for many Nevada homes. Whether you live in a studio or a large family dwelling, there is always room for versatility!

Wall Beds Make Great Amenities in Nevada Homes

For more efficient use of the space in your home invest in wall beds. Nevada residents who have installed them are always satisfied with the newfound flexibility and functionality. Schedule an appointment with California Closets for a free, in-home consultation about wall beds.