Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Nassau County

Have you been needing or wanting more space in your home? Considering rearranging home furnishings, subtracting some elements, or even building a completely new room? Now, instead, you can save money with the less expensive, more effective option in fully customized Nassau County wall beds!

Your Wall Bed is Here!

Look no further for the home improvement option that gives you more convenience, space, and luxury for a small bargain price!  With our Nassau County wall beds, we pride ourselves in customizing a fold or roll out bed for any need or desire you have.  Let’s get started!

Perfect for Any Purpose

Whatever you are trying to do with your Nassau County wall bed, we can help.  Take, for instance, the example of a home office.  Fold the bed out over your desk and make it a sleeping room by night!  We have also created space for home gyms, music studios, art spaces, childcare centers, and more!  If you live in a studio apartment and are looking for a way to convert living room to bedroom instantly, we’ll help with that, too!

Quality Convenience

A Nassau County wall bed provides the ultimate quality and convenience.  You will never hear a squeak, feel a bedspring, or get a sore neck from sleeping on our durable beds. You will also have an easy time with set-up or takedown with our roll or fold out mechanism.  Super quick and easy to install, you or your guest will always have a comfortable place to lay their head down in a matter of seconds!

Your Wall Bed is Waiting

Look no further for your convenient space-creating solution!  The Nassau County wall bed is awaiting, ready to provide for your home as soon as you call.