Wall Beds Naperville

If you’ve been thinking about adding an extra bedroom to your home to accommodate overnight guests, you do have another elegant and less costly solution – Naperville wall beds by California Closets Naperville. Adding an extra bedroom is a time-consuming, challenging and expensive proposition, particularly given the Naperville wall beds alternative. If you have a den, home office, entertainment center – or even a living room – consider making one of them function as a multi-purpose room by getting a California Closets wall bed.

Your Most Versatile Room Has A California Closets Wall Bed

Naperville wall beds are not the overlarge, clunky and poorly designed Murphy beds of yesteryear, containing lumpy mattresses within them.  What Naperville wall beds offer is various artfully created, beautifully designed pieces of stately furniture that come in a dazzling number of selections.  You and your guests can enjoy the comfort of one of California Closets Naperville's fold out beds in nearly any room during the night without affecting the use of that room during the day.  Suddenly, several of your home’s rooms can have the uncommon versatility provided by adding Naperville wall beds.

The Choice Is Clear

The choice is yours: Spend an unknowable amount of time and money, both for construction and added value property taxes, to have a new bedroom added to your home, or simplify your life by quickly getting a much less expensive California Closets Naperville wall bed.  Your guests will appreciate either choice, but it’s clear which one your pocketbook would want.

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