Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Napa

Have you ever wanted to add a bed to your home, but don't have the space? Well, look no further. With California Closets Napa wall beds, you can create a living space that is multifunctional. Use your room for whatever it’s original purpose during the day time, and pull out your brand new, sleekly designed Napa Murphy bed in the evening. By working with the home improvement experts, you’re sure to be satisfied with this brilliant decision.

Use Napa Wall Beds to Make Your Home Efficient

When you wake up in the morning, do you struggle to navigate your way around your home?  If you have a bed awkwardly taking up too much space, then you might be a good candidate for Napa wall beds.  Our aesthetically pleasing, easy to use Napa Murphy beds will take your overcrowded space and transmogrify the room into a stellar new space.  Soon, your home office, your media center or your living room can double as a bedroom when you want it to.

When you want to transition your home into a space with several functions, give us a call. We’ll work to match the façade of your new roll away or fold up Napa wall beds to your room’s preexisting aesthetic.  You’ll hardly notice that it’s there.  With an exterior that perfectly fits into the room, when your bed is not in use, there’s little obtrusion into your regular activity. 

Take the Time To Appreciate Your Home

To start the process, we’ll give you a free consultation.  By taking plenty of measurements, and hearing what you need, we’ll create a template of what your future Napa Murphy beds would look like.  We’ll use our 3D imaging technology to make a virtual representation.  Tour your new room before it’s even built.  Let us know any last minute adjustments you’d like to make.  Then, we’ll send out a team of our installation experts to set everything up.