Wall Beds Muscle Shoals

Muscle Shoals, Alabama, is so well known for the music produced there that a musical genre called the "Muscle Shoals Sound" is attributable to the city. Fans of Muscle Shoals music frequently make trips to the area to visit local landmarks, and when they have a friend or relative living there, inevitably it’s time to stay overnight. That’s why California Closets is proud to offer Muscle Shoals wall beds. People who own Muscle Shoals wall beds are pleased to be able to offer their guests a comfortable good night’s rest, rather than a lumpy couch or dusty airbed.

A Wonderful Bed For Your Guests

Also known as “Murphy Beds”, wall beds can convert nearly any room in your home into comfortable bedrooms at night.  With more than thirty years of experience, California Closets has become the preeminent North American expert in customized storage solutions, including the compact, artful and wonderfully comfortable Muscle Shoals wall beds.  No longer will you have to experience that awkward moment when someone suggests an overnight stay with you and you hesitate as you wonder how to accommodate him or her.  With Muscle Shoals wall beds, you will have the perfect place for them to sleep at night, while during the day – when the bed is folded in – on display will be a beautiful and stately piece of furniture.

Call California Closets Muscle Shoals Today

If you haven’t seen a California Closets Muscle Shoals wall bed, you may not know how much Murphy wall bed designs have changed over the years.  Muscle Shoals wall beds are not your mother’s era wall beds. Ours are high quality pieces of furniture that contain very comfortable beds that are effortlessly extracted and folded back into the unit.  Learn more about how you can easily create another part-time bedroom in your home by calling a California Closets Muscle Shoals design consultant today for your free, no-obligation consultation.