Mudroom Storage Solutions For All Types

For most people, the mudroom is not a a place reserved solely for shaking the mud off your boots before heading inside the house. The modern mudroom serves multiple purposes, from storing sports equipment to kids' school gear to jackets for all kinds of weather. Mudroom storage solutions, then, have to be adaptable to every type of need. Below are a few ways you can use your entryway as both a place to greet guests and family when they return home and as a useful, uncluttered storage area of your house.


Get Your Gear On

  • Instead of a garage, many people find it useful to store sports equipment in their mudroom. Grab your tennis shoes, rackets, and balls on your way out the door -- rather than dive into the bins in your garage for them. Pull-out cubbies and baskets can hold all types of equipment, from rollerblades to yoga mats. Like to go running in the rain? California Closets will evaluate your "drying" needs as well, and find the best way to air out sopping shoes or wet swimsuits.

Jackets, Jackets, Everywhere

  • Does it drive you crazy when you see 4 jackets piled onto one hook? Us, too. Solve the stacking problem by choosing a set of tall cabinets as part of your mudroom storage. You'll be making the most use of your vertical space. Also, you can reserve the cabinets for adult jackets, leaving a row of low hooks free for the kids to stash jackets and scarves.

Even More Shoes Than Jackets

  • We all need shoes -- for every occasion. Rain, snow, sleet -- and of course, open-toe sandals for that first day of spring. While it might make sense to store your nice shoes in your bedroom closet (for their own protection!) it's nice to keep bad weather shoes in the entrance hall. To keep it uncluttered, give each member of your family their own dedicated mudroom storage space so you can easily identify the culprit who is spreading their shoes all over the room. (Hint: It is the person whose personal space is conspicuously empty.)

A Key Depository

  • What's the best way to never misplace your keys? Keep a dedicated spot for them in the mudroom. Pick them up on the way out, and -- here's the "key" part -- drop them off on your way back in. You'll never again be running around the house digging in multiple purses and jacket pockets.


California Closts offers many mudroom storage options to fit your home needs. From foyer reach-ins to built-ins to dedicated entry halls, we'll provide a place for everything: shoes, boots, jackets, umbrellas -- and yes, sports equipment and keys, too!

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"My mudroom was literally muddy before California Closets resolved my storage issues. Now my guests are no longer greeted by a pile of my children's shoes."
~Tom L. - Burlington, VT