Managing Your Mudroom

A mudroom is not a just a place reserved to shake the mud off your boots before heading inside the house. The modern mudroom serves multiple purposes, from storing sports equipment to kids' school gear to jackets and scarves.

Mudroom Potential

Despite a role as the informal entryway to your house, often a place that might also hold a washer-dryer or pile of sports equipment, the mudroom has an important role in your house organization. If you can’t get the mudroom organized, clutter will start to seep to other areas of your house. Realize the potential of your mudroom with these storage ideas:

Shoe Shelves

  • Conserve space on the mudroom floor by doubling up on shoe shelves or racks. This will keep shoes from being kicked into a pile and allows for easy organization.

Locker Storage

  • Separated lockers or cubbies in the mudroom are especially great for families with multiple kids. Each area can store sports gear, boots and coats while providing that important separation that many siblings need so badly.

Storage Cabinets

  • Take advantage of the vertical height of your mudroom by installing floor-to-ceiling cabinets. This will provide all the room you need for bigger pieces of sports equipment. Keep out-of season coats, equipment and toys in more difficult to reach places, freeing up space in your mudroom for everything else.


  • A place to sit while taking off cleats or cleaning gear can really change the aesthetic of your mudroom. Benches can be built into walls and cabinets or can be free standing, but either way should be low for easy sitting.

More Great Storage Ideas from California Closets

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