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Mud Room

It is very common for families to enter their home through the back door and immediately drop their stuff in a pile at the door. Rather than creating clutter by piling those items up around the back door or carrying them through the house (and tracking mud everywhere!), we recommend strategizing a mud room where all those items can be easily stored and organized, ready when you leave the next day. 

Mud room storage problems can be fixed with custom solutions designed specifically for your family’s’ unique needs. We specialize in crafting a range of mudroom storage solutions that accommodate the range of spaces in which mudrooms are designed, as well as the messy items that live there. For example:

  • A basket or drawer for hats, mittens and gloves. You may need more than one basket to keep extra outdoor items, like jump ropes and footballs, organized. 
  • Open shelves for boots and shoes. Creating separate compartments for shoes will not only keep them out of the way,  but they are also ideal for keeping shoes with their mate, making them easy to find. Keeping pairs of shoes in their own separate compartments also means muddy outdoor shoes don’t dirty your clean inside shoes. 
  • Individual lockers in the mud room for sporty family gear. Each child has a separate locker where they can store helmets, soccer balls, tennis rackets, backpacks and other personal items. 
  • Ample hooks to hang outdoor coats and jackets. 
  • A bench for removing shoes. This is a space where you and your family can sit to take off or put on shoes, ensuring that dirt from outside doesn’t enter your home. 
  • A mail sorter. This is a small series of shelves where you can put incoming mail waiting to be sorted, outgoing mail, and stationery. Junk mail will never enter your home again!

Your local California Closets store is just a short drive away. Stop by today and allow one of our friendly in-store designers show you how you can maximize your mud room storage.


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