About Us

Serving the Province of Quebec and the Greater Ottawa Area

We are a locally-owned business with showrooms in both Montreal and Ottawa, and we have been serving our communities for more than 20 years.  Each of our designers participates in extensive training and ongoing professional development -- we are up-to-date in the latest trends and options.  We are eager to show you our unique approach to closets and storage solutions custom designed for your home.

Our Showrooms

Our showrooms in both Montreal and Ottawa have become a must stop for retail clientele and interior designers looking into the latest trends in home organizing, hanger collections, and accessories such as organizers for jewelry, make-up, home offices, and more.  Our showrooms feel like a place you want to sit and enjoy a coffee. We rotate our displays regularly and show off some of our best products in order to give people an idea of what an installed system might look like in their homes.

All About Function

For us, "function" is not just what something is, but how it works for you, the customer.  We begin by taking a thorough inventory -- measuring your space and counting your things.  Next comes the dialogue, where you tell us how you use your items and how they fit into your life.

For example, one customer might have 20 pairs of shoes and say "I've always wanted to walk into my closet and have it feel like a store."  For that customer, we might talk about spotlights, glass front doors, and a display area.

A second customer might also have 20 pairs of shoes, but in our meeting she'll say "No way, there's maybe 12 pairs of shoes that I wear all the time."  For that customer, we'll be making sure those most-used shoes are easily accessible, but shoes won't be the dominating feature of her closet.

This is just a small example of how we do what we do - by talking, and listening, to you.  We are meticulous about details and how our customers think about their things.  And we do great design.  In the end, it means you can save time and frustration as you easily find what you want, every time.

All About Aesthetics

Here at California Closets Montreal and Ottawa, we are passionate about design.  Our team keeps track of all the latest home fashions and trends -- we attend workshops and even share inspirational clippings from our favorite magazines and furniture catalogs.  We are eager to push the envelope to see what's possible.  Do you have an antique armchair from your grandmother, and you'd like your library to match its woodgrain?  We can do that.  Would you like hand-painted scenes from your child's favorite book on the doors in your playroom?  We can do that, too.  Just ask; we take great pride in accomplishing our customers' wishes.  And if you're not yet sure what you'd like, we can show you a wide range of options and help you imagine what it will look like in your home.  You'll know the right solution when you see it, and we'll work with you to make the process fun and easy.

Full Service Solution

Here at California Closets, we do it all -- we do not subcontract any work. This allows us to guarantee the quality of our products for life. We design, build, and install each unit. The great majority of our products and our materials are sourced locally. At the end of the day, if we have done our job well, we have created more time for the customer to enjoy what’s more important in their life. This is a privilege for us.

We Love What We Do

When you meet with your California Closets designer, you'll see right away how much we love our work.  And our passion for design and functional excellence translates into a satisfying -- even fun -- experience for our customers.  You will come away with a solution for your reach-in, walk-in, garage, playroom, kids' room, craft room, pantry, guest room, living room, or office that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Our Role in the Community

Because we are locally-owned, and because our showrooms are in Ottawa and Montreal, we know we are important members of both of these communities and the surrounding areas.  We regularly participate in awareness-raising and fund-raising events to support the causes that are most important to our employees.  We have worked with many organizations, including Habitat for Humanity of Montreal and Habitat for Humanity of Ottawa the CHEO Dream Home Lottery in Ottawa, Bruce House (AIDS hospice) in Ottawa.  Please check our home page regularly to see what we're up to and how you can join in.

The Consultation is Free

If you think you might be ready for a California Closets solution, please let us know and we'll be happy to schedule our initial complimentary consultation.

Please call us or fill out our simple online form to schedule your FREE in-home design consultation today.

Lianne Levy
California Closets Montreal and Ottawa