Murphy Beds/Wall Beds Montgomery

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to upgrade your home in a cheap, convenient, stylish way which actually puts meaning to ‘home improvement’, perhaps you should consider a Montgomery wall bed. Not only will it expand your homes arsenal, providing one more bed, and creating a multi-use room, but it will also be customized to your personal life and design style.

The Wall Bed For You

At California Closets, we work hard to make sure that you get exactly what you want out of your home improvement.  A Montgomery wall bed is no different, personalized by you with the help of a consultant who will guide you through a process of customizing location, materials, colors, and more, until you have the Murphy bed you were picturing in your mind to begin with.

The Quality of Design

Home Improvement projects can be fun rather than stressful, creative rather than painstaking.  At California Closets, we want to help you integrate your Montgomery wall beds to fit your personal style and values.  As such, we help you through the process of fitting your wall bed flush into your wall or home decor without a hassle, focusing more on the creative and stylish aspects of the unit.  As for quality--leave that up to us as we source only from local manufacturers of the highest grade and make absolutely sure that your bed does not squeak or jam.

Low-Cost Convenience

The Montgomery wall beds will provide you with a convenience you had never imagined.  Think of your home office, library, or kids play room during the day.  Now imagine, if at night, it magically transformed into a bedroom, flawlessly, with easy-to-use roll or fold out design and a sturdy bed which is actually comfortable to sleep on.  Not to mention, as a home improvement project, this would save you thousands when compared to useless things such as granite or marble countertops and floors.

Hurry Up For Home Improvement

What are you waiting for? Your home is itching to have another bed.  Listen to it and call us today to start the process for your new Montgomery wall beds!