Wall Beds Montgomery

Sitting pretty along the Alabama River, Montgomery is the capital of Alabama and its second largest population center. Richly imbued with history and beauty, Montgomery is a destination for many visitors from all over America. When you live in Montgomery, it’s inevitable that friends and family will want to visit. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to offer them luxuriously comfortable Montgomery wall beds rather than dusty airbeds or lumpy, short couches? Of course it would, and you can easily become that magnanimous host you always wanted to be once you have wall beds Montgomery made by California Closets and delivered to you by California Closets Montgomery.

Wall Beds Have Changed

It’s true that decades ago many wall beds, often called “Murphy beds”, were poorly designed.  The furniture piece could be heavy and clunky.  The folded-in bed could be hard to extract and fold up and was typically uncomfortable.  Much has changed for the better with wall beds, and this is particularly true when it comes to Montgomery wall beds.  

Montgomery Wall Beds Are Better

Montgomery wall beds are designed by California Closets, the preeminent expert in storage design in all of North America.  With thirty years of experience behind us, we’ve crafted sturdy, beautiful Montgomery wall beds that feature long-lasting, exceedingly comfortable and easily retractable beds.  Neither you nor your guests will be able to tell the difference between Montgomery wall beds’ mattresses or a well made permanently displayed one on a fixed-framed bed.

A Murphy Bed In Any Room

Make your living room, den, entertainment center, home office – or nearly any room in your home the diversity of being multi-purposed.  Because any room with Montgomery wall beds is a room that can offer your overnight guest the same comfortable night sleep they could get in their very own home.  Getting Montgomery wall beds is simply the smart choice.

Learn What’s Special About Montgomery Wall Beds

Find out more about how Montgomery wall beds can delight you and your guests and get more utility from of your home.  Call a California Closets Montgomery design specialist today.