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Many say that the best way to start your day is with a sturdy breakfast. Here at California Closets Montclair, we believe that your first morning encounter with your closet may be even more important. How many of your days have started out stressful because of a disorganized closet? Wouldn't that morning meeting have gone more smoothly if you had been able to find that cute little black dress, instead of the more conveniently hung wrinkled blouse? Well, put your worries to rest, as California Closets Montclair has the solution for you. By helping you organize your closet around your specific needs, space and wardrobe, a custom closet by California Closets Montclair will surely get you started on the right foot every day - with time to spare for breakfast!

Look Your Best With California Closets Montclair

We all have items that we use very sparingly, yet take up prime real estate in our closets. This ineffeciency makes it difficult to find the items we use most often, taking up more time and energy than necessary. Instead, let California Closets Montclair help you organize your space according to how frequently you use certain items in your closet. Although you may need a tuxedo for a couple business events throughout the year, you certainly don’t need your tux at a moment’s notice.

Here at California Closets Montclair, we believe ease of access to your items depends on the frequency of their use. Why not move that tuxedo slightly less accessible and free up some space for your exercise clothes? With a new California Closets Montclair closet system, you can easily rotate out your clothing according to how often you use them. In the winter, store away your bathing suits and make room for your heavy coats. In the summer, keep those tank tops and sundresses accessible and at eye level. With a flexible closet, all your items can be accessible exactly when you need them.

Easily Organize With Montclair Closets

With a brand new closet system from California Closets Monclair, you’ll be surprised at how efficient your closet can become. So come on in and speak to one of our experienced designers today!



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