Closet Company Modesto

The newest Modesto closet company with all the answers for your customized home solution is California Closets. Where do we find the answers for your home upgrade? Easy, we ask you what and how you need it and do our absolute best to make your vision and dreams into a reality.

Simple and Fun

Our process is so unique and effective that customers often wonder why it hasn't been seen as the simple solution for all other Modesto closet companies.  We guide you through a deceptively quick and fun series of steps which will leave you with a breathtaking new storage and organization system, increasing your home's capacity and space for more relaxation and family time.

Innovative Systems

We are the only closet company Modesto offers with a completely customized approach to your home storage.  This means that we will help you find the way to store the things in your home through a series of intricate and imaginative planning stages.  Many of our customers have ended up with garage units, new cabinet systems, closet storage units, living room storage, and more, all corresponding to an overall plan which leaves their home cleaner.

Nothing Falls Through

With our innovative approach, we are clearly the Modesto closet company that allows you the most flexibility.  With flexibility comes great potential for stress.  However, we have the process on lock down so that you don't have to worry for things that may fall through. Just ask any of our consultants or staff for support.

Center Your Life

We are the closet company Modesto has been waiting for -- with California Closet's new storage systems, you can bring your home back to the center of your life!