Wall Beds Missouri

Have you finally decided it’s time to remodel your home after your children are gone? With Missouri wall beds from California Closets, you can keep their bedrooms, but also turn them into a variety of multi-use spaces such as a home office or entertainment room! We help you design a wall bed to fit flush with the theme of the room, and easily pack up into a shadow that fades naturally into the background of the room.

A Comfortable Space Saving Solution!

Discover Space In Your Room!

Wall beds are not just for hotel guests anymore.  We understand your need for space, so we designed a wall bed to fit precisely your need.  Now you can fold up your wall bed to leave space for stretching or exercising, or studio and office space.  We also strategize with you about placement so that your wall bed is not in the way even when folded down or rolled out.

The Comfort Of A Bed In Your Wall

Missouri wall beds are built to suit your level of comfort and needs.  From a variety of bed types, shapes, and sizes, thicknesses as well as many mattress options from third party retailers, we help you fit a sleeping solution that is a bed first and a wall second.  You or your guest will get a great night of sleep, and will be able to use the room they were sleeping in after!

Missouri Wall Beds: Bold and Subtle

We pride ourselves in helping you find a bed that matches your style.  Elegant or bold, traditional or modern, we provide you with a number of different color options, layouts, design materials, and installation options to fit your lifestyle and personality.  You won’t see anything but striking lines and beautiful façade when the bed is folded up.  Even when it folds down, the bed will charm the rest of your room like a suitor.