Murphy Beds/Wall Beds Missouri City

When guests come to visit wouldn’t it be nice to have somewhere for them to sleep that wasn’t the couch or an uncomfortable air mattress? Not everyone can have a dedicated guest bedroom for visiting in-laws or friends, but it would still be nice to be able to accommodate visitors with a sleeping arrangement that was comfortable and pleasant. Missouri City wall beds from California Closets are the perfect solution. Easily opened and easily retracted, Missouri City wall beds are no less comfortable than a real bed and don’t take up floor space when not in use! Your guests will be thrilled with how well they sleep on your Missouri City wall beds.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Built For Comfort

Missouri City wall beds are an excellent way to accommodate guests, but can also replace your standard bed to free up living space in your home. Whatever your interests may be, the space that Missouri City wall beds make available to you has a lot of possibilities. Whether you’re a yoga enthusiast, sculptor, dancer, painter or musician, the space that is freed up by the absence of a standard bed is not insignificant.

A Sensible Innovation

With no loss in the way of comfort, it’s hard to see why Missouri City wall beds aren’t ubiquitous fixtures in all of our lives. Why dedicate so much space to something you only need at night?

Maximize The Functionality Of Your Living Space

If you're interested in the possibilities that Missouri City wall beds can offer, we encourage you to contact us for a complimentary in-home consultation. Our representatives can answer any questions you might have about wall bed styles, wall bed placement, and wall bed installation. Call or contact us online today!