Closet Organizers Missouri City

We established ourselves as the area’s leading closet organizers in 1983 when we opened our store near Missouri City. Since then, California Closets has continued to offer the best in customized storage solutions, locally and globally. The secret recipe for our success is a product that is both functional and beautiful.

How to Work with Missouri City Closet Organizers

Our process is simple: you make all the decisions and we do all the work. The guiding principle is headache-free professionalism by local California Closets design experts.

Embarking on a home improvement project for your Texas home starts with contacting your local closet organizers. Either by phone or through our interactive website, you can schedule a free and private design consultation to take place at your home. Our staff examines the space under consideration and assesses the wall size and storage capacity, hanging space and shelving space.

We then help you identify your goals for the storage space. How do you currently use it? What are the shortcomings of the space? How would you like to improve it? What can your Missouri City closet organizers do to help?

The parameters and priorities we reach together are inputted into a specialized computer model. The software renders a 3-D model of your future custom closet and allows you to experiment with different materials, configurations and colors. Visualizing their future closet is our clients’ favorite part!

With the resulting blueprints, our manufacturing department mints new panels and accessories. The next step is installation, with a standard completion time of less than a day. The investment will be worth it from the very first day!

Missouri City Closet Organizers Lead the Industry

When California Closets was founded nearly three decades ago, custom storage solutions were a privilege of those in the know. Now, however, with a company that spans the globe, our products are available to anyone who cares about his or her home, which is just about everyone. Missouri City can attest to the power of expert closet organizers.