Closet Company Minden

Minden is certainly surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape. While it is appropriate and desirable for the outdoors to be wild, inside your home you want to keep things neat and organized. California Closets is the closet company Minden turns to keep up to date with the latest home organization innovations. With a wide array of products to choose from and the ability to customize each of those, comfort and luxury await you and your family.

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Not Only Closets

California Closets is the destination for an entire variety of storage ideas. Whether it is racks specialized for tools you seek or a pantry upgrade to accommodate a busy kitchen, you know where you can turn for the most sophisticated and stylish solutions. If you are looking to upgrade your media center, make more space with a wall bed or implement new closet organizers, get started on your home improvement project!

Start to Finish Service

Unlike some of the stores making big promises out there, California Closets does not just shove some panels and screws into your arms and tell you to go build yourself a closet. This is no youtube do-it-yourself company. From the planning and design stage all the way to installation you will have a friendly and professional team assisting you. Even after all the work is done, this Minden closet company is always available to make changes and corrections.

Get to Know the Best Minden Closet Company

Either come visit the showroom in Reno or invite a designer over for a free consultation and start getting to know the only Minden closet company that truly cares about your home. Living clutter free is within your grasp!