Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Milwaukee

If those who ignore history are destined to repeat it, then closet companies that ignore history are destined to become it! Here at California Closets, we’ve found that one of the easiest and most intuitive solutions to creating a greater sense of space in a small enclosure is to install a Milwaukee wall bed. In addition to freeing up valuable square footage in a bedroom, Milwaukee Murphy beds can be used to turn any room into a guest bedroom -- a valuable asset to any home!

Milwaukee Wall Beds For Your Bedroom

Those of us who live in tighter quarters are always trying to find ways to make more space. While organizing things in a different way can make a difference, there is no better or more instantly noticeable way to regain a large amount of floor space than to utilize one of our Milwaukee Murphy beds. With your bed seamlessly folded into your wall, all of that floor space previously occupied by your bed will be imminently usable. The possibilities for that space are endless: a larger desk, a mini fridge, a decorative statue, or simply open space. With a Milwaukee wall bed, your bedroom is capable of far more than the conventional bedroom.

Any Room Can Have A Milwaukee Murphy Bed

If you’re tired of offering your guests a couch to sleep on -- or worse, an inflatable air mattress on the floor -- try offering them a Milwaukee wall bed. With our Milwaukee murphy beds, any room in the house can be turned into a pleasant and comfortable bedroom at a moment’s notice, ensuring that you’ll always be ready for guests.

The Best Is Yet To Be Seen

Call California Closets today and reclaim some square footage! Your Milwaukee wall beds are waiting.